Label: Monkeytown Artist: Catnapp
Treck list:
  • 01. Down in the Basement
  • 02. The Mover
  • 03. I Dont Care
  • 04. Fight for a Fight
  • 05. Give it Back
  • 06. Thunder
  • 07. Lengua
Download: GoodUser

Break follows last year’s EP Fear and No Cover single and sees Catnapp capturing the jaw-dropping energy of her live shows as well as further refining her characteristic blend of rap and heavyweight electronic beats. She challenged herself with exploring more complex emotions and subjects for this album, which is more than a collection of love songs, as she explains: „With so much happening in our world today, I feel incomplete telling only love stories. I want to give people inspirational tools that work like fuel. Songs that can make one hop out of a bad and complicated situation in order to move on and up with confidence.