Label: Livity Sound Artist: Cando
Treck list:
  • 01. Bleak
  • 02. Sundown
  • 03. Bleak Dub
Download: GoodUser

Bristol Cando duo’s debut on Livity Sound’s Dnuos Ytivil series with a trio of tribal sidewinders.

Slotting snugly into the label’s bassbin-testing remit, the duo work out a sort of hazy Andean techno psychedelia with a thizzing meld of panpipes and clip-clopping cumbia-like rhythms in ‘Bleak’, which really isn’t, whereas the desiccated ‘Bleak Dub’ is, while the swingeing syncopations of ’Sundown’ shows off a distinguished percussive suss comparable to Beatrice Dillon or the one like Peverelist.