Label: Warp Artist: Cfcf
Treck list:
  • 01. Re-Utopia
  • 02. Green District
  • 03. Retail Commune
  • 04. Aquascape
  • 05. An Impossible Condo
  • 06. Inorganic Streams
  • 07. Translucently Happy
  • 08. Healing Kurage
  • 09. Oxygen Lounge
  • 10. Anodyne Industries
  • 11. Blobject of Desire
  • 12. Last Century Modern
  • 13. Closed Space
  • 14. Subdivisions
  • 15. Re-Identity
Download: GoodUser

Montreal’s earnest-kitsch-explorer CFCF (aka Mike Silver) has been honing gentle revisions and updates on the outmoded luxuries of pop and new age music for years now. Now he returns with a ‘spiritual sequel’ to his much-loved 2015 ambient opus ’The Colours of Life’, refitted with an eye towards the bygone future: oxygen lounges, chill- out rooms, luminescent spas, and breakbeats. Told in 15 movements, ‘Liquid Colours’ is a 42-minute new age jungle odyssey, perfect for a journey into a dreamworld of pure consumerism. Like all of CFCF’s work, it’s as sincerely and painstakingly composed as it is gently sardonic.