Label: L.I.E.S. Artist: Broken English Club
Treck list:
  • 01. Our Savage Hearts
  • 02. Domestic Animals
  • 03. Grey Windows
  • 04. Cold Medicine
  • 05. The Chrome Disease
  • 06. Vacant Cars
  • 07. Exit Divine
  • 08. The Modern Desire
  • 09. Vermin
  • 10. Psychology Of Prisons
  • 11. Wildlife
  • 12. Waves In Silver
Download: GoodUser

Broken English Club presents the second part in the White Rats trilogy, a full-length double vinyl album that focuses heavily on the dancefloor with droning techno, head banging acid and cinematic synth noise. This album continues Oliver Ho’s musical journey, fusing techno with industrial post punk and textures of death metal producing a unique electronic vision. Ideas and influences that went into the writing of the album was the dark soul of Wormwood scrubs prison in west London and the obsessions in the JG Ballard book Crash. White Rats II stands as a relentless and personal portrait of techno and all the things that feed into the creation of it.