Label: Natural Sciences Artist: Auditor
Treck list:
  • 01. Audit 5
  • 02. Waterworld
  • 03. Cubes
  • 04. Choke Needle
  • 05. Drugscribe
  • 06. Carbol
  • 07. Squeeze Up
  • 08. At the Coronation
  • 09. The Terror
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Waterworld is the debut release from Auditor on Natural Sciences.

Cut across nine tracks, it's a bio-mechanical record of regurgitated oil spills and off-shore waste dumps splurted out in chocked out machinery. Wayward environmental reports and corporate greed transmitted through the Detroit suburbs via short-wave radio.

A largely improvised state of electro-acoustic brain matter thrust into hardware. Two years locked in a window-less room dreaming of organic life. Nightmares relived through now obsolete musical formats. The first audio from the forthcoming ice age. The sounds of the new Waterworld.