Label: Apollo Artist: Albrecht Labrooy
Treck list:
  • 01. Afternoon Carafe
  • 02. Tractor (feat. Oliver Paterson)
  • 03. Alexs Lullaby
  • 04. Healesville (feat. Badskin and Joseph Batrouney)
  • 05. Seans Lullaby
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'Healesville' follows on from the bucolic wonder of their Apollo debut 'Tidal River' which took inspiration from the duo's visit to the beautiful Wilson's Promontory (a remote national park on the South East coast of Australia). "Late last year, we trekked out to a beautiful mud-brick studio located next to a large strawberry crop in Healesville," Albrecht explains. "We spent a few days capturing the feeling of the slow-paced, relaxed surrounds: The wildlife, the strawberry pickers, the sounds of the night, and improvising a response to them with music we felt suited." Setting up their favoured musical equipment, which included two pianos, a Waldorf, a Nord and a clutch of microphones the long-form improvisations began.