Label: Stilla Ton Artist: Acronym
Treck list:
  • 01. Mistress of the Copper Mountain A
  • 02. Mistress of the Copper Mountain B
Download: GoodUser

Acronym returns to his Stilla Ton label with a two-track EP. One could say that with this release, Acronym assumes his ultimate form: the A-side brings us a devastating and room-proven piece of focused and propulsing Techno of the highest order. Cold, shivering synths twirls around the earth shattering beat, which is all held together with a dominant synth line throughout. On the B-side, we are reminded that Acronym not only masters our dance floors but also has a special tendency to capture moments both fragile and powerful. The sonic journey presented here is something special, which surely will keep a wistful dance floor satisfied.