Label: Running Back Artist: A Sagittariun
Treck list:
  • 01. Once Upon A Time
  • 02. Watch The Skies
  • 03. Last Of The Crazy Baldheads
  • 04. Zeus I Prepare For Launch
  • 05. Life Is The Illusion, Love Is The Dream
  • 06. Lazer Battle At The OK Corral
  • 07. Version Excursion
  • 08. Dream Stealers
  • 09. The Mild Mild West
  • 10. The Final Scene (Fades To Black)
Download: GoodUser

A Sagittariun is back with a new album, Return To Telepathic Heights.

Running Back will release the LP through their "non-dance floor" imprint Incantations. Return To Telepathic Heights reportedly touches on techno, "industrial funk" and "dreamy synthwave." The concept album was conceived as a "space western soundtrack" for a mission to reach "Telepathic Heights," a sci-fi utopia where people have opted out of planetary war in favor of peaceful and harmonious community through telepathy.